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About Herbert
Herbert was raised on a west Texas ranch that ran sheep, goats, and cattle. He has continued working with livestock throughout his life.  He and Alison now live in Granbury, Texas. Herbert got his first Border Collie when he was in college in the late 70's. "I mostly just had them for pet's. knocking  around with me a bit, not training much at all. After two dogs like that, I finally got two trained dogs. Traded a rope horse for them. Those were real good dogs, imported from scotland. I've never been without a trained dog since"
    In the early 90's he started looking to the border collie to add to the income from ranching. He has been in custom training, starting and selling young dogs, giving lessons and giving clinics ever since then. Herbert is also one of the most respected judges in the U.S.


About Alison
Alison has been in border collies since the early 90's. She has been a sucsessful open trialer for 15 years now. alison has had placings in the national nursery championships the past three years.  she is becoming recognized as one of the top trainers with young dogs in the country. She stays very busy training andcaring for up to 20 dogs at a time, as well as tending to cats, horses, cows,sheep, and goats on their 11,000 acre piece of the southwestern desert.

Herbert and Allison Holmes have been involved in working border collies since 1988.

We know border collies.